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    Girls' Tennis | April 2, 2024

    Girls' Tennis Scores

    Varsity vs Mooresville Win Sydney Ward at 1 Singles Klaire Himsel at 2 Singles Lily O'Brien at 3 Singles Calla Herald and Kerrigan O'Brien at 1 Doubles Morgan Martin and Kaelyn Fite at 2 Doubles


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2024 - 2025 SEASON SCORES

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Name Grade
Avery Rodgers 9th
Bailey Clark 10th
Calla Herald 12th
Chloe Bamford 12th
Claire Bristow 12th
Diana Mota 9th
Ella McCormick 10th
Emma Dale 10th
Eva Florence 9th
Gabby Ivie 11th
Grace Olorunfunmi 9th
Halia Sowers 9th
Kaelyn Fite 12th
Kerrigan O'Brien 12th
Klaire Himsel 11th
Lilly O'Brien 9th
Morgan Martin 11th
Peace Amusan 9th
Regan Little 9th
Sydney Ward 12th
Teagan Bendler 9th
Violet Rodgers 9th
Name Grade
Alexis Tuttle 11th
Avalyn Gulley 9th
Bailey Clark 9th
Calla Herald 11th
Chloe Bamford 11th
Claire Bristow 11th
Claire Roseboom 12th
Ella McCormick 9th
Ella Vandermark 9th
Elyse Bullen 9th
Emma Dale 9th
Gabby Ivie 10th
Hailee McKinney 9th
Haydenn Heffley 10th
Jaymee Heffley 11th
Jillian Pearcy 10th
Kaelyn Fite 11th
Kerrigan O'Brien 11th
Klaire Himsel 10th
Kylie Wright 10th
Mariana Gaio 11th
Mo Adelagun 11th
Morgan Martin 10th
Reese Kisner 11th
Sydney Ward 11th
Name Grade
Ava Whiteman 11th
Bianca Cidade 12th
Calla Herald 10th
Chloe Bamford 10th
Claire Roseboom 11th
Ellie McAdams 12th
Graci ONeal 9th
Jaymee Heffley 10th
Jillian Pearcy 9th
Justine Vandenberg 12th
Kerrigan OBrien 10th
Klaire Himsel 9th
Lucy Kult 12th
Morgan Martin 9th
Reese Speckman 10th
Riley Stallard 9th
Rory Teel 12th
Sydney Ward 10th


  • Head Coach

    Mike Burdsall

  • Assistant Coach

    Samantha Maxwell

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